City Fit LA

Swim Lessons

Swimming is one of the most important skills you can learn

How do we do it

  • CityFit Swim offers private swim lessons from June 1st to October 31st 
  • Learn at our private facility in Lake Forest or we can come to you
  • We have 3 pools: Distance pool, diving pool, kiddie pool. Salt and chlorine. Temperatures set between 80-95 degree.
  • Private swim lessons for up to 2 people per session
  • We teach both adults & children ages 4+

  • Each session is 45 minutes

Why are we successful?


Our teaching techniques have been honed over several years with the aim of making swimming a positive experience as well as strong confident swimmers. For all of our swimmers we primarily use Kinesthetic Learning because of the power of muscle memory when using repetitive movements, connecting thoughts to experiencing the movement. However, we also supplement with visual and auditory learning in order to cater to different kinds of learners to maximize results.


For children we primarily focus on the Constructive Teaching Method which taps into what they already know and associates it with the mechanics of each swimming technique. We then pair this with the Power of Imagination, something that kids are very good at, to hone their focus and create a wonderful experience. Lastly we creatively Gamify swimming to make it both challenging and fun.


For adults we use the Shaw Method which is based on principles of the Alexander Technique. This technique really focuses on proprioception and body mechanics. It’s one thing to copy an instructor’s movement, but it’s a whole other experience when our swimmer understand what makes a movement effective, making corrections more instinctive in the water and as a result accelerates performance. We also pair these methods with Reflective Learning which focuses on leveraging your natural strengths as a swimmer while programmatically improving weaker movements, making swimming possible faster and feel more natural while still learning to perfect other areas. This strategy significantly increases confidence in our swimmers as well as results.


Call us at (323) 327-7004 to learn more or book online to schedule.