City Fit LA

Health Coaching

Your body is for life.
It’s the #1 investment you can make.

It’s never too late to start on the path to becoming healthier and there is always room for growth and optimization. You can’t do anything about the days you lost, but you can continue to add onto your lifespan with the days you have left. A Cityfit coach ensures that you maximize your window of opportunity with knowledge, planning, techniques, and accountability.


Working with a health coach is proven to significantly improve health outcomes over those that don’t use a coach. Health coaching sessions can be either in person or virtual and last 25 minutes. With each session you will leave with very powerful takeaways to apply each week.

Failure is not an option!

Your CityFit Health Coach will meet you wherever you are at in your learning journey of how to take care of yourself and immediately build upon that knowledge. Together you will identify the areas of greatest impact that you will focus on and then come up with a sustainable plan to bring you closer to your goals while tackling the obstacles you encounter each week. Failure is not an option. Your coach will help you adjust your cognitive approach to change, share techniques to build habits, and lay out an action oriented plan to hold you accountable.

We provide a complimentary 25-minute consultation over the phone where we learn about your body, thoughts, health, and goals. We then share what a health coaching session would look like, how it will help, as well as answer any questions you may have. Call (323) 327-7004 or schedule online.