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Fitness Assessment

A fitness assessment is one of the most intimate ways of getting to truly understand your body

A fitness assessment will reveal your current biological age or how much faster your body is aging compared to your chronological age and what to expect if you make no changes. There are over 600 muscles in the body and some get more love and attention than others. It will also show you how you are using your body and how you could be using it differently in order to increase its longevity as well as maximize stability, strength, and speed while preventing injury. The most common reason for pain or injury typically has to do with imbalances in the body that are perfectly fixable without surgury. It will also help you to set targeted goals against baselines by knowing exactly what you need to work on and to what extent.

The session is very informative and clients learn a great deal from their fitness assessments. If you find that your doctor is suggesting surgery or is prescribing a lot of medications, come to us for a second opinion. We can help you avoid or delay those options. Unlock your body today with a Fitness Assessment!

Choose between 2 Assessments:

360 Fitness Assessment

Athletic Assessment

Our 360 Fitness Assessment is for general fitness and assesses your body head to toe and is essential to building a custom tailored work out regime so you workout with purpose and towards results. See if you pass the tests for the Presidential Challenge, Police Academy, and Special Forces. See how close you are to the top work record holder. Learn what kind of athlete you are – sprinter or marathoner – and why. Learn your ideal weight and composition. Learn why you like certain kinds of exercises and not others. Click the “Book Now” button at the bottom of the page to schedule.

Our Athletic Assessment is for athletes. It includes the 360 Fitness Assessment plus tests all facets of speed, power, and strength. Additionally it includes a full body DEXA scan. Click the “Book Now” button at the bottom of the page to schedule.

Plans include but aren’t limited to:


Fat %

Ideal weight range

Muscular proportions

Max heart rate

Heart rate zones

Aerobic fitness

Anaerobic fitness

How you perform key exercises compared to your age group



We provide a complimentary 25-minute consultation over the phone where we learn about your body, lifestyle and goals. From there we walk you through what a fitness assessment would look like and how it will help have better defined goals with targets, impact your training plan, and accelerate your success. Call (323) 327-7004 or schedule online now.