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For Companies that put employees first!

Why do employees need a fitness program?

According to research organization RAND, wellness programs are known to reduce the employer’s average health care costs by about $30 per member per month. For every dollar an employer invests in such a program, they see a $1.50 return which translates into less employee sick days and higher employee productivity, morale, and energy levels.

Our Programs

From trainers, instructors, health and nutrition coaches, to building your facility, our goal is to ensure we provide you with the best resources to ensure a successful health and wellness program. Based on your goals we will design a health and wellness program that can meet your needs. First, we collect baseline health and wellness metrics on your workforce as well as employee preferences. Then we design a program that hits your goals but caters to their needs. We will manage program tracking and communications to ensure adoption and success. We also consistently bring in and act on feedback so we can constantly ensure we are staying on top of any changing needs.


We provide a complimentary consultation over the phone where we learn about your company, your health program aspirations and goals, then we share our recommendations on what the health program could look like with CityFit, next steps, as well as answer any questions you may have. Call (323) 327-7004 or schedule online.