City Fit LA


For teams that want an edge!

Why do they need personal training

Coaches are good at training in their specific sport and teaching plays, but not every coach has had the training of a personal trainer, who knows injury prevention, muscle balancing, conditioning and cross-training best. Our personal trainers work alongside the coach to develop an effective and safe training regimen for the team as well as individual players based on their needs. While coaches focus on developing players’ skills, our trainers focus on strength, speed, and agility in the context of your specific sport. Our personal trainers have an eye for spotting individual weaknesses and will address them individually with customized modifications and progressions in order to prevent player injuries and enable them to perform to their max potential.

Injury Prevention

Injuries are the #1 set back for athletes that not only hurts the team, but individual careers. Not all team coaches are trained in injury prevention. A personal trainer can help fill in the gaps and help ensure your team a successful season. We teach the players how and why injuries such as ACL tears, shoulder tears, and ankle sprains happen. When they understand these fundamentals they are less likely to react, even sub-consciously, in such ways as to cause those kinds of injuries. If a championship is your end goal then hiring a team trainer is a must have and worth the investment.​


Our Program

We train youth as well as adult teams and leagues. Choose from 3 programs: Pre-season training, Supplemental in-season training, and Off-season training. Each program is tailored to your season goals, player needs, season timeline and budget. 



For your first step, schedule an initial consultation over the phone where we learn about your team and where they could do better. Then we share our recommendations, agree on what the partnership would look like,  as well as answer any questions you may have. Next, we’ll come out and meet the team and other staff and evaluate a practice. From there we’ll put together a complimentary training plan in collaboration and coordination with the staff and current schedule which we will walk through and align on with the coaches before kicking off the program. Call (323) 327-7004 or schedule online to learn more.